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KPA Certified Training Partner!

Last August, I was interviewed and accepted into the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional course. This is a complete education program that focuses on developing excellence in dog training, teaching others, and career success - culminating in professional certification.

I am happy to share that I, along with my canine partner Maci, passed the final virtual knowledge exam along with the training and teaching assessments! I am now officially a KPA Certified Training Partner.

The KPA DTP program was already extremely intense, but having Covid-19 challenges made it even more so. While we were to meet monthly in-person with our dogs, we unfortunately had to convert to virtual get-togethers after our first workshop. Although, not under the circumstances I expected, I was still able to complete over six months:

· 60+ hours of coaching

· hands-on workshops with dogs

· 40+ training exercises, activities, and games

· 250+ demonstration videos

KPA hopes that although we are now considered certified, our cohort will have the opportunity to reconvene one more time to meet in-person and demonstrate the talent we have to work with our dogs in a challenging environment. Hence they have noted current certifications as provisional until such a time when it's safe to be together.

In the meantime, I have signed the following pledge as a KPA Certified Training Partner.

I will:

  • Teach and train using the force-free principles and techniques that have been taught in the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior (KPA) and always in a manner that is consistent with the KPA approach to behavior change and learning;

  • Conduct myself in a way that upholds the values and principles associated with the KPA brand;

  • Value lifetime learning by continuing to improve my skill as a teacher and trainer;

  • Work with the Academy to help maintain high standards of teaching and training for all KPA Certified Training Partners.

Stay healthy and well my friends!

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