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Clicks Private Training

Every dog, every situation, every time is different!

Customized private sessions allow for training that is personally tailored to you, your dog, their environment and their situation.


Benefits to Private Training

  • Direct personalized coaching from a trainer

  • Dog gets to learn in their home environment with minimal distractions and at their own pace

  • Post-training reports provide:

    • Review of what was covered during time together​ (eliminating the need for note taking)

    • Instructions for training in-between sessions 

    • Infographics and additional resources

    • Email support between lessons

Consultation - $100/45 min

Your initial consultation provides the background and in-person assessment needed to design a training plan personally tailored to you, your dog and their home environment. It will also include a clicker and introduction on how to use it.  Packages will be discussed at the consultation.

In-Person Private Training

Package of 4 - 45 min sessions:  $400

​​Package of 6 - 45 min sessions:  $600​​

A la carte - 45 min session: $100

Every session includes a post-training report and support between lessons

Day Training (available upon request)

Day training can be an effective way to address specific behavior modification or teach cues for good manners, tricks etc. It is especially helpful if you have a busy schedule and limited time to dedicate to training your dog. It allows your dog to receive consistent and professional training, and you can continue to reinforce the training in your daily interactions.

45 min session: $100 (minimum 2 sessions/week)

Every session includes a post-training report, including videos and support between appointments. 

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About Clicker Training

When I worked at an Aquarium I learned how to train marine mammals of all sizes. I never forced them to do what I wanted, even if I could, it would likely have been very dangerous. So if we can train animals within Zoos and Aquariums without the use of force, why can’t we train our dogs that way? The answer is that we can, and do using the same science and methodology, it's called clicker training.

Clicker trainers observe and reward good decisions and behaviors they like, rather than reacting negatively and punishing behaviors they don’t like. This is why clicker training brings out the best in dog guardians, and creates deep loving bonds with their canine companions.

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