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An Interesting Time to Start a Dog Training Business

I opened Clicks Dog Training a week before the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Until things became serious, I had been happily training Tucker, a four month-old flat coat golden doodle. We had been concentrating on his walking skills, made great progress on his "leave it." We had moved onto his learning to settle on a mat ("place") and for fun had tossed in a cute paw "shake." Then suddenly our training sessions were stopped abruptly by the world health crisis. The good news, was from day one, I had taught Tucker's family about positive reinforcement training. They learned first-hand how to use a clicker to train new behaviors and perfect existing ones. When I reached out to check on Tucker the other day, they responded he was doing well and his behaviors, including "shake" which we had only worked on for a few minutes, had stuck! I have no doubt they will continue to work with him without me. I will check in on them from time-to-time and offer virtual support, and they know they can reach me any time they need anything!

So, while I wait for the time to come when I can get back out in the world and work hands-on with dogs and their people... I will take advantage of this quarantine situation to share via this blog, some fun and interesting stories that are a reflection of me and my new business. Next up you can expect introductions of my young canine partner, Maci and senior dachshund, Franki. Going forward, I'll blog about training, obviously, but also enrichment, my time with the dogs at SPCA Cincinatti and anything else I think you might find enjoyable, educational and inspiring. Just like clicker training... this is going to be fun! Until next time!

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