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Human only workshops are a great way to learn tips and techniques from a professional dog trainer

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are not offering workshops

Adoption Workshop

This one hour workshop is an introduction to the experience of bringing a newly adopted dog or puppy into your home. It's a transition for you both and there will likely be challenges along with the joy, but we hope to make the connection a little easier with a few expert tips. Workshop topics include but not be limited to: 

  • the settling in experience

  • creating boundaries 

  • introducing a new family member

  • how to use canine enrichment

  • helpful behaviors you'll want to begin teaching your dog

  • understanding dog behavior and body language



*human only workshop

Canine Enrichment (fun for your pup)

Enrichment is a means to add mental and physical stimulation to your dog's life with puzzles, games, training, and socialization. Enrichment activities are meant to tap into your dog's natural canine instincts and behaviors. 

What to bring? 

  • KONGs, West Paw, and similar toys for stuffing with food mixtures

What you will get?

  • the food items to stuff two of your toys

  • recipes to take home for more food stuffing

  • recommendations of various toys/puzzles and experiences

  • different homemade and free enrichment ideas

This is a fun workshop to attend prior to bringing home your new rescue as it will prepare you with some ideas on how to enrich the life of your new family member. It is also a great program for anyone with an older dog who might not be as mobile or have various disabilities yet can still give them something pleasurable and mentally stimulating. 



*human only workshop

Introduction to Clicker Training

Clicker training utilizes an audible (or sometimes visual) marker, such as a mechanical click, to communicate to our dogs the exact behavior which will result in reinforcement. The marker is always followed by something which the dog enjoys, like a treat. Clicker training adds a level of precision to training which can greatly improve the speed and precision at which dogs learn new behaviors.

We will discuss techniques and theories I incorporate in my dog training: 

  • operant conditioning

  • positive reinforcement 

  • desensitization

  • counter conditioning

This is a great workshop to attend prior to participating in private or group training classes, as it will help you to understand deeper the science behind the training of your dog. 



*human only workshop.