When I worked at an Aquarium I learned how to train marine mammals of all sizes. I never forced them to do what I wanted, even if I could, it would likely have been very dangerous. So if we can train animals within Zoos and Aquariums without the use of force, why can’t we train our dogs that way? The answer is that we can, and do using the same science and methodology, it's called clicker training!

Clicker trainers observe and reward good decisions and behaviors they like, rather than reacting negatively and punishing behaviors they don’t like. This is why clicker training brings out the best in dog owners, and creates deep loving bonds with their canine companions. 


Once the pet and their person both understand the concept of training, new behaviors can be learned in a matter of minutes at any point in the animal’s life, making it an extremely effective training tool.


Clicks Dog Training_Eating Puppy